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English Version – George Soros on OWS and martial law in the US

George Soros predicts that Occupy Wall Street protests will turn violent as the financial system continues to deteriorate, leading to martial law and a repressive political system. [We have been saying this for many months, but the difference is that we have urged people to beware of the Occupy movement for that reason, while Soros has been financing it.]

So it’s not a prediction but the jewish strategy to make topple the US in a dictatorship.

Keep always in mind the jewish recipe:  


The jews always create the problem in first place, then they  help you to react and after they offer THE SOLUTION !!    



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English Version – EU oil sanctions: Iran to get its retaliation in first?

Iran is threatening to cut its oil supplies to Europe as early as next week to pre-empt the EU embargo. Sassan Ghahramani, the president of a financial advisory service told RT that Iran is able to do this even if it means losing six months’ revenue.

From Iran’s perspective it would be rational to cut exports to the EU in advance if that will drive oil prices high enough to cover losses, believes Ghahramani. Given the fundamental threat that Iran is facing right now, they may decide to make such a move, he added.

“What is happening in Iran is a fundamental threat, an existential threat, to the Islamic Republic regime,” Ghahramani explained. “Ultimately, Iran clearly has more to lose not just by the European oil embargo, but more importantly the embargo on the financial institutions and the central bank, which really started in the US and has really hampered Iran’s ability to conduct financial transactions.”

“They have managed to work around that with China and with India, but that has made a huge dent, it has caused a massive panic in the Iranian economy,” he added.

Ghahramani believes that the West is using sanctions to put as much pressure on the Iranian regime as it can.

“I think the real unwritten objective here is, quite frankly, call it by a different name, but it is regime change ultimately,” he said.



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English Version – Bill Gates funds technology to destroy your sperm

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Mass vaccination is apparently not the only depopulation strategy being employed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as new research funded by the organization has developed a way to deliberately destroy sperm using ultrasound technology. BBC News reports that the Gates Foundation awarded a grant to researchers from the University of North Carolina (UNC) to develop this new method of contraception.

For their study, the UNC team tested ultrasound on lab rats and found that two 15-minute doses « significantly reduced » both sperm counts and sperm integrity. When administered two days apart through warm salt water, ultrasound caused the rats’ sperm counts to drop below ten million sperm per milliliter, which is five million less than the « sub-fertile » range, and stay that way for up to six months.

The report claims the technology is for contraceptive purposes only and not for causing sterility. However, Dr. James Tsuruta, who led the research, told reporters that it is unclear whether or not the technology can cause long-term damage, and that more research is needed to determine whether or not repeated ultrasounds cause permanent damage.

The Gates Foundation awarded 78 different research projects with $100,000 grants each as part of its « Grand Challenges in Global Health Program. » Ten of these projects specifically addressed new technologies for contraception, according to TIME, including one for a pill that inhibits the growth and maturation of sperm, and another for creating chemical compounds that prevent sperm from reaching the egg (

« We think this could provide men with up to six months of reliable, low-cost, non-hormonal contraception from a single round of treatment, » wrote the researchers in their report. « Our long-term goal is to use ultrasound … as an inexpensive, long-term, reversible male contraceptive suitable for use in developing to first world countries. »

Back in 2010, Bill Gates explained to attendees at the TED Conference that year his ideas for culling the world population, one of which involved increasing vaccination rates ( Now, his organization is actively funding research into advanced contraceptive methods that could render individuals infertile. Coincidence?



That’s what happens when you pray a fake God (Yahweh, Jehova, Jesus, etc )  who is unable to make love anymore because emasculated. 



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